The State of HipHop Music is and will be forever changing and evolving as New Artist enter into Numerous Streaming Platforms across the Internet. As Far as Craft is concerned there have been many New Music Artist to arise on the scene bringing a wide range of Unique Skill Sets changing how Modern Day Audiences Listen and Perceive Rap Music. Within this Spectrum of Artist there has been one particular Rap Artist that stands out among the Crowd who is always hard at work creating in the studio, Texas’ Own Trackcity Urn. For a little under a Decade now, Trackcity Urn has managed to keep his Nikes Laced and Grounded all while keeping a Steady Tunnel Vision effortlessly Building his Sound Catalog. Through Modernized Music Platforms like Spotify, ITunes and Google Music, Trackcity Urn has always kept an Open Mind on the overall Aspects of Rap Music complementing with a Unique Southern Style. In hopes of broadening his craft to attract a Ever growing Fan Base Trackcity Urn is currently releasing up to 3 songs a day! Fans whom all follow Trackcity Urn on Spotify, expect to hear something Around the lines of The sounds of today’s Mainstream mixed in with the Authenticity of the Real Roughness of Underground Texas Rap.